We want to facilitate your transition from the military to university life through providing support through a centralized hub of holistic services for those that served their country.

We accomplish this through:

  • Individualized support
  • Veteran specific orientation
  • Veteran specific COAD 1000
  • Veterans Leadership Academy
  • Green Zone training for faculty and staff
  • Collaborations with departments throughout campus and within our region


Supporting the academic endeavors of our nation’s bravest students.

What we do:

For Student Veterans and Service Members

We help connect Service-members/Veterans and their families to the appropriate services on campus by providing the following:

  • Information and resources to ease the transition from military-life to campus-life
  • Provide an in-depth and unique orientation only for student veterans.
  • Mentoring through the Peer Advisors for Veteran Education (PAVE) program
  • Connect students with the Pirate Veterans” Student Organization
  • A veterans lounge to relax in, watch TV, eat lunch and to meet with other veterans
  • COAD 1000 course specifically designed for veterans to help ensure that their transition to ECU is successful and to teach students how to leverage the skills learned in the military to excel in an academic setting.

For Faculty and Staff

We connect faculty and staff to student veterans, service members and their families by providing the following:

  • Green Zone Training – training to faculty and staff on information and resources related to issues faced by student veterans, service members & families.
  • Resources and information to help students with services needed inside and outside of the classroom
  • Activities that engage and enlighten faculty and staff to the needs of students
  • A supportive environment where faculty and staff can seek assistance research to understand best practices for student veterans

Hours of Operation

Mendenhall Building Room 254 (Main Campus) M-F 8-5.

Collaborating Offices Satellite Office Hours Mendenhall Room 222

  • ECU Certifying Officials: Mondays: 8-5
  • Disability Support Services: Tuesdays: 12-5
  • Career Services: Wednesdays: 12-5

Please come see us in Mendenhall Building Room 254…”like” us on Facebook @ ECU Military & Veterans Resource Center, email us at vets@ecu.edu, or call us 252.737.6542