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Veterans Leadership Academy

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This program allows veterans to explore facets of their military leadership style, while learning about leadership styles in the civilian world. Veterans will meet with University leadership, local leadership, and prominent leaders in fields applicable to your major. Each module will help participants leverage inherent strengths, provide civic outreach through service opportunities, and invaluable networking with like-minded peers.

The work regarding your specific leadership style, learning about new types of leadership, and assessing your own experiences will be done asynchronously, while the speakers will be scheduled to meet in a virtual room during a period that is accessible to the most people. These sessions will be recorded for anyone who must miss a session, but your participation is an important aspect of the program.

Each cohort runs from February through April.

Faculty Mentoring

We are excited to announce that ECU has created a faculty mentoring program for student veterans and over 60 faculty members have signed up.  If you are interested in meeting with a faculty mentor, please fill out the link below. We will pair you with someone based on your needs and that faculty member will reach out to you.  Your mentor/mentee relationship will be how you want—casual, formal, in person, email—you decide.

If you are interested in having a faculty mentor, please fill out the link below.

Faculty Mentor Link

Pirate Veterans Organization

The Pirate Veterans Organization was formed in the spring of 2013 as an initiative within the ECU community to reach out and provide a social organization by which military veterans can gather as a group to perform local community service, raise awareness for veteran issues, foster educational assistance, and meet and connect with other veterans on campus.

The Pirate Veterans purpose is to create a home for student veterans at East Carolina University; promote a sense of pride in past, present, or future duties through civic engagement, promote scholarship through educational empowerment, and provide for the needs of student veterans through social endeavors. Check us out on Engage!

Military Affiliated Book Club

MVRC hosts this community group geared to veterans, their family members and friends as well as community members interested in veteran’s issues.

Participants will read books, short stories, graphic novels and other readings to foster discussion, share experiences, and serve as a basis for veterans to connect with one another.

Books will be chosen as a group and focus on a variety of subjects, not simply military/veterans issues.

The Military Affiliated Book Club will be held on the first and third Wednesday of the month at 1 pm in Mendenhall Room 254.  Copies of the book can also be picked up at this location and are provided free through the support of our generous donors.


The lounge provides a multitude of resources and amenities, which include a spacious social area, kitchen, a study room, and wellness room.. We also offer academic and career workshops, front desk peer advising, and many social and wellness events.

Textbook Program

The lending library aims to alleviate the financial burden faced by students. By offering free textbooks to military-affiliate students, it helps to level the playing field and ensure that all students have equal access to essential course materials.  If we do not have the books you need for your courses, please send a request with the course number to  We are fortunate to be able to provide this service thanks to one of our donors, Mr. Paul Singleton.

Wellness Room

Our wellness room offers a massage chair, sound machine, weighted blanket, art supplies, and books on mindfullness.  Students are welcome to reserve this private space for 30 minutes.  Reservations are made HERE

The Pirate Experience

Discover unique opportunities at The Pirate Experience! Find and attend events, browse and join organizations, and showcase your involvement.